Raising Awareness
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As one of the few non-governmental organizations working in the CBRN field across the region, MESIS is in a unique position to raise awareness at a variety of levels about the risks posed by CBRN whether natural, accidental or deliberately caused. Accordingly, MESIS conducts significant outreach among a variety of stakeholders within the region to promote best practices when it comes to risk mitigation, preparedness and response.

In the Middle East, non-governmental organizations have mostly not been engaged in issues that are predominantly seen as security issues but MESIS has been successful in working collaboratively with government across the region to identify gaps and develop projects to meet their needs. For instance, MESIS worked with Jordanian authorities to support Jordan’s “Gift Basket” at the Nuclear Security Summit, which calls for the establishment of a counter-nuclear smuggling capability.

Likewise, MESIS works with civil society such as industries, academia and others to encourage them to also play their role in addressing CBRN risks. For instance, MESIS has worked to generate interest young professionals and graduate students working in the life sciences to raise awareness on bio-risk issues and potential misuses relevant to their field of study.

In a region facing regular unrest, MESIS’s work has proved that science and technology cooperation can play an important role in furthering regional stability and security.